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The Barber Bible - Was written by Vick Damone, Owner/Operator of "Timeless Barbers" and creator of "A cut Above The Rest" Instructional DVD's, as well as "Timeless Products" Vick has helped hundreds of thousands of up and coming barbers achieve greatness through his youtube channel by inspiring people from all over the Globe to step up to the plate and take on the Timeless Trade of Barbering. In "The Barber Bible" you will learn what you need to know to succeed in the Barbering profession. This concise book of Approximately 121 pages is loaded with motivation to keep you inspired on your journey - also beware, some of the knowledge found in this book might just shake up your belief system a bit. So if you are ready to succeed and make the most out of your career as a Barber then get started reading this book today!!!! 

- Knowledge of the barbering trade

- Branding your self and your business

- Setting and obtaining goals

- Tips on how to get ahead financially  

- Personal success stories from Vick and other successful shop owners and much more!

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